Breast Augmentation Innovations

For breast augmentation surgery, women have more choices today then they have ever had before. The surgery is one of the most popular in the United States as more and more women are trying to regain or improve upon their natural curves. Women want to feel confident, and larger breasts bring feelings of attractiveness and femininity, adding to their confidence. If you are considering this procedure, take the time to learn about recent innovations in this surgical technique.

One innovation available with some cosmetic surgeons is computer imaging systems. This allows the woman to see a 3D model of herself from the waist up that models different sized implants. This allows the patient to decide for herself exactly how big she wants to go. The option for 3D imaging prior to choosing an implant size takes away the guesswork for one of the first aspects of the breast augmentation procedure – the process of choosing the implant size and shape. Many women find they are happier with their results because they can literally see them prior to the surgery.

Another innovation in breast augmentation surgical techniques involves smaller incisions. Different areas of the body can be used to place the implants, thus leaving behind almost invisible scars. One older option is to insert the implant through the belly button. However, this surgery site leaves much room for error in placement because the doctor has to work from such a distance. Another option is to insert the implant through the nipple, which creates an invisible scar unless the patient chooses to tan the area. Finally, some doctors are placing implants through the armpit, a part of the body less noticeable in nature, making it much easier to hide any visible scarring.

These techniques that involve minimal scarring also lessen the amount of time a woman needs to recover from the procedure. When smaller incisions are used, the area can heal much faster, allowing the patient to return to work and family responsibilities much more quickly.

If you are interested in one of these innovations for your breast augmentation procedure, you must first find a doctor who uses the techniques. If your chosen doctor does not use the techniques you wish to have for your procedure, talk to them about their reasons. You might find that they have a logical reason or an alternative option for you to consider. If you like the doctor’s take on the surgery and his or her approach to patient care, consider whether or not those factors outweigh your desire for the procedure. Otherwise, keep looking until you find a reputable doctor offering these innovations.

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, take the time to consider your options. Choose a doctor who uses state-of-the-art techniques, has excellent results, and has a friendly bedside manner. This will ensure that you are not only pleased with your new, sexy curves from the surgery, but also with the attention you receive throughout your consultations, pre-surgery appointments, surgery, and recovery time.

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