“pepsi Model”

2004, the Pepsi will integrate popular shoes and casual wear for the “Pepsi campaign” brand new as “an international fashion campaign” brand. Breakout Pepsi One popular shoes can truly be said to catch up with the “good time” (2002? 2003 can be described as intense competition in China’s footwear industry), however, Pepsi blessing to join the 21st century together spent more than four months after the planning period listed Pepsi popular shoes finally in the fierce market competition, thrust, showing off edge.

Industry Background: China’s shoe full of crazy bubble

Speaking of China’s footwear industry, Jinjiang footwear industry can not be overlooked. This is because, as the country’s largest production base of shoes, Jinjiang footwear industry in just a few years, gave birth to no fewer than 10 well-known brands, including a “famous trademark” 4 “Chinese famous brand”, brand growth speed is frightening, such as sporting goods company owned Sanko domestic brand “XTEP special step”, since the market started to get a “China Top Brand”, in just over a year. In particular, relishes man is the shoes brand performance in the advertising madness Competition, not only were the Chinese entertainment industry employed more than 20-bit popular stars as brand ambassador, and continued to advertise in the programs of CCTV (2001 Jinjiang Footwear Company In the CCTV advertising costs invested nearly 400 million yuan), but also actively sponsoring major sporting events at home and abroad. Jinjiang Corps in particular at 4? 19 Jinjiang International Footwear Fair, Shanghai, China Fair exciting and unique body of high-profile display of domestic and foreign merchants left a deep impression.

This is the brand campaign created the Footwear Industry in a critical year for insiders even call the “Shuffle years.” The so-called shuffle, is competing after the previous stage of the market, the 32 winners will return in the market performance in the great harvest and further enhance the corporate strength, while the majority of the losers will be put into a state of balance with the proceeds capital depleted, down the Malay, the industry was able to reorder.

“No victories” of the Taiwanese bloody acts in the footwear market, its head, has given us reason to review its successes and failures and opportunities. Location also can be used for addition

: sport + fashion + Leisure = popular The actual line in the market research, we found that marketing managers Jinjiang footwear industry will be widely recognized sports shoes into three categories: professional sports, sports and fashion campaigns. Professional sports like a functional product requirements, and more fight for the stadium, but players generally agree that the game is basically equipped with NIKE, ADIDAS series of products, Jinjiang brand in professional sports are not competitive, so their R & D focus will be placed In the other two up, and will be applied to the brand name components, such as “special-step fashion movement”, “name fashion sports music”, “Golden Apple recreational sports,” as a way to differentiate between brands of means and reason: “there is no competition between us, because I was doing fashion class, and he is doing leisure class. fashion movement is our position.”

Positioning strategy as a marketing management sustains the fundamental, it is but natural that the implementation was lightly down, and we can not even find their competitive positioning scheme (based on opponents), originality (stands for “first”) , exclusive (to set “barriers”). If the movement is inclined to street fashion, cool, stylish sense, sport is more inclined to casual comfort, why we introduced the degree of homogeneity of goods so high?

Fact, for an accurate grasp of consumer psychology, targeted as opposed to access in order to bypass the roundabout go straight over the last two of three positioning: Fashion and leisure in the final analysis is based on “pop” oriented, so We decided to directly to the “popular” new orientation for the shoes category. So “Pepsi popular shoe” birth, can be described as sharply, exudes smart.

Good horse with a good saddle: a set of best matches, “Pepsi mode”

With “positioning” to create a “difference”, in the ideological level, we all kept to themselves, and in fact it? Why marketing managers define the target market described themselves as “new generation”? Why R & D on new international brands in addition to copying but also other family generic brand best-selling domestic models? Why wide publicity plan, product mix, channel type, space planning monopoly even identical to each other?

No melee opponents, there is no winner. Struggling to cope with market pressure situations, there are two brands still appear to be sober self-confidence, one Anta, one Michael Jordan. Anta first step into the domestic market with the resources and relatively complete implementation of the force, occupied the first position of the national sales, was the industry’s only “Famous Chinese Trademark” honor, Anta targeted to low-end (mass) market, to support this positioning is the selling point of dense, rich category of products, mainly in the low price, healthy and positive dynamic communication performance of the theme and style of the young. The Jordan accounted for less than the brand name of natural advantages, the transmission has continued basketball theme, such as close cooperation with the CBA, a small fence on campus projects, product research and development, a considerable proportion of basketball shoes and strong technical advantage , although there is no clear position, but also did not blindly follow the trend, spread the message always simple or easy to understand why the market into a “professional basketball shoes manufacturers,” so they are changing it, the melee in the brand stand out.

So, to get the smoky battlefield, in thrust, must build a belongs to Pepsi own the most appropriate model, we call it?? Pepsi mode.

Set in the channel construction, we note the general sports shoes manufacturers are desperately compression channels, the wholesale market and gradually turned to the retail market, efforts to develop the next store, into the market counters appear to be present footwear brand “Rooted in the first a plow. ” However, we believe that Pepsi in the early stages of the Chinese pilot is still necessary to improve the water distribution network, which can then play a big brand company in the country’s appeal, therefore, we quickly identified a “consolidation agency, roots in the terminal,” the principal directions. The upper and lower strength in the market structure of 11 developed theater, “direct control of the terminal, to better reflect the professionalism, to achieve specificity.”

Marketing operation is to capture and store the focus of international brands, to international operations, the premise is an international brand, and foothold in stores. “This is the key to the success of Pepsi mode.”

“Point of sale experience, professional services”, decisive in the end, not Pepsi unique offerings hidden weapon,

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