What Are Breast Implants Problems?

Breast augmentation is on some women’s mind for ever. There are various methods of doing it and breast implants are one of the most known and controversial one. Since it’s an invasive method, meaning that in involves surgery, breast implants problems are not at all impossible to occur. Many things can go wrong and before taking the important decision of undergoing such a procedure, every woman needs to be informed and to analyze the potential risks of her action.

Some experts suggest that there is a connection between breast implants and certain serious of even fatal diseases. Research still needs to be done concerning this theory because nothing is for sure yet. Autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis seem to be linked with breast implants and the medical community is still researching this hypothesis. However, one thing is for sure. Breast implants problems include the fact that they interfere with mammography screenings and they prevent x-rays from revealing abnormalities in the breast tissue.

Breast implants are done using either silicone or saline. Both types have risks and can develop problems in time. When one undergoes surgery, certain complications can occur, regardless how good their surgeon is or how much care is taken when performing the procedure. Infections are among the most common complications in case of surgery. If an infection occurs, the implant needs to be removed, the infection treated and then the woman can opt for another implant. Untreated infections can aggravate and even jeopardize one’s life.

Breast implant problems that are also likely to occur include capsular contracture and rupture. They can happen to both silicone and saline implants. The only difference is that rupture in saline implants becomes visible sooner. Capsular contraction can only be solved with another surgery and there is no guarantee that once fixed it will remain like this. It can put a woman through very severe pains and sometimes it can result in complications because the breast tissue can mix with the capsule and require to be surgically removed. Rupture can appear at any point in the implant’s life, sometimes even after 10 years from the initial surgery. It can have a multitude of causes and accidents are the most frequent ones. It also needs to be surgically fixed, by actually taking the implant out. In silicone implants a rupture can allow the silicone to migrate in the breast tissue and into other body parts. Women with breast implants rupture often need to also undergo a mastectomy.

Breast implants problems are real and every woman needs to be aware of the fact that having an implant is not as simple as going to the hospital and coming back home with increased breast size.

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